Central Coast Beach Fest - INSANE SURF CONDITIONS

'Perfect surf conditions' is a term that could not be used to describe the waves at Central Coast Beach Fest 2017.  In similar 3ft conditions, people might describe the conditions as challenging... We recon the conditions were full on! and demanding.  The swell was straight east, 3.6m on the buoys, plus howling onshore.  Despite how dreadful it sounds, the competitors managed to navigate some 4-6ft dredging, beachy bombs, and put on a 'challenging conditions' master-class.

Central Coast Beach Fest Bodyboard

Central Coach Beach Fest, which hosts Bodyboarding and Surf competitions, is a NSW Australian icon and is supported by our surfing community by the likes of QCD Bodyboards, and Alpine Beach store.

Central Coast Beach Fest Bodyboard Comp

Competitors met promptly at 7.30 fearing the worst from the unfavourable conditions.  Many expected the surf and bodyboard comps to be postponed, but due to the fortunate geography of Avoca Beach, its river mouth, its sheltered headland, and by luck of the surf gods. Event organisers decided to run both surf, and bodyboard comps.

Congratulations to all involved, but a special congratulations goes out to the victors.  Shaun Peterson took home the Bodyboard trophy for the 3rd consecutive year, whilst Nathan Shanks took home the surf, Men's Open.

Shaun Peterson Bodyboarder Central Coast Beach Fest

Central Coast Boadyboard Club's head honcho had the cortesy of providing us with this impressive event write up


The unforgiving forces of nature had effectively changed the standard preparation and heat strategy that many competitors usually apply during a heat. Which forced competitors to think on their feet and adapt to the constantly changing conditions. The U/14’s is the youngest of the divisions and they were on a steep learning curve in these conditions. It was Sam Giddy’s courage to go out the back in the conditions and get a strong outside wave at the start of the heat which positioned himself to command first place from early on. He then consolidated this wave with a fair backup wave that then helped the youngster to secure first place in the division.

The U/16’s was a five-person final and the conditions had not abated for the five teens involved. Second and third place was a hotly contested affair with the positions being split on count back. But it was Hunter Nicholls superior wave selection and finding two strong waves which had the young bodyboarder four points ahead on every judge’s sheet once the final siren rang out.

The always competitive U/18’s did not disappoint those that stuck around on the beach late into the afternoon. From the outset, it was clear that Nathan Amos was hungry and wanted this win no matter the cost even if that meant being pounded by the increasing swell. Nathan saw his opportunity on his first wave to let the rest of the finalist know he is here to win. It was his wave selection and strong bottom hand turn into what can only be described as a back breaking roll and riding out drew a gasp from the crowd and a high score from all the judges. This gave him the momentum to steal the win from the other finalist.

It was time for the masters or the Over 28’s division the most experienced and eager to prove the old boys can still mingle with the youngsters. It was a one-way affair in this final with Shaun Petersen delivering one of the highest heat totals of the day. Shaun’s final wave of the heat demonstrated that he still has some tricks up his sleeve finding an outside section flipping off the section and riding out cleanly to stamp his authority over the division.

The drop knee division arguably had the worst conditions but the finalist were not about to shy away from the challenge. It was a head to head battle between the local Greg Arnold and south coaster Zac Armitage. The first blow came from Greg using his local knowledge to find a set wave that had enough face for a powerful carve off the shoulder to link into a little foam bash to lock away his highest scoring wave of the final. Zac’s replies came with vigour and hunger for win, he found challenging waves but managed to find a wave that would allow two carves to keep him in the hunt for first place. However, it was the power of Greg’s carve that would prove to be the winning factor and allow the local to hold the first-place trophy.

The premiere division of the Opens had all the hallmarks of a Hollywood blockbuster. Two competitors under 21 and two competitors over 30. Anyone of them on the day able to take first place, however the conditions proved to be determining factor only allowing each competitor one scoring wave. It was the lord of previous beachfest finals Shaun Petersen finding that demonstrating that when mother nature is against you go back to basics but do it well. A clean roll on the outside section secured the highest wave score for the final allowing Shaun to complete his hat-trick at the Central Coast's largest amateur bodyboarding event.


Bodyboard Results From Central Coast Beach Fest 2017.

1st: Millie Chalker

4th: Millie Chalker
3rd: Ben Guignon
2nd: Ben Wiseman
1st: Sam Giddy

5th: Sam Giddy
4th: Declan Clough
3rd: Tom Walter
2nd: Nathan Wilson
1st: Hunter Nicholls


4th: Jake Martin
3rd: Liam Douglas
2nd: Tomas Walter
1st: Nathan Amos

4th: David Castle
3rd: Masanori Matsuda
2nd: Lyndon Clare
1st: Shaun Petersen

Drop knee
4th: Scott Kitchen
3rd: Corey O'Donnell
2nd: Zac Armitage
1st: Greg Arnold

4th: Jake Martin
3rd: Jack Harris
2nd: Scott Arena
1st: Shaun Petersen

Central Coast Bodyboard Club made a special shout out on their Facebook page and said "Thanks to all the competitors, the families who stuck the crazy weather conditions, the sponsors who supported the entire event. Finally thanks to Sheldon, Carly and co for putting so much of their time into creating activities for the Central Coast".


Surfing Results From Central Coast Beach Fest 2017.

Open Men
1st: Nathan SHANKS
2nd: Peter HAYES
3rd: Julian RICH
4th: Kiron LUDWIG

18 & Under
1st: Zac MICHAEL
2nd: Ethan HARTGE

16 & Under 
1st: Koby SCHARKIE
2nd Jasper GIDDY

14 & Under
1st: Jasper GIDDY
2nd: Jordan LAICKMAN
3rd: Joel BARRY
4th: Luke DUJIC
5th: Cooper PUTTINGILL

12 & Under
1st: Koda KILLORN
2nd: Luke DUJIC
3rd: Byron STAPLETON
4th: Tyson LETTS
5th: Taj TAYLOR

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2017 Central Coast Beach Fest Bodyboarding

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