Hitting the Scene With a Bang in 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, we can't help but be proud of what we have acheived.  2017 has been a major year in the 'behind the scenes' development of Urobach.  We've been busily working away, getting everything in place, ready to hit the scene with a BANG in 2018.  Some of the stuff going on was so, exciting, we couldn't help but launch it in 2017.

Jeff Monson and Anton Zafir

Our biggest news, has got to be Jeff Monson, and Anton Zafir.  

Jeff Monson

Yes!  MMA and Grappling Godfather, Jeff 'The Snowman' Monson, and Australia's Anton Zafir are now part of the team of Urobach Ambassadors.

We've got some exciting sh*t planned with these guys. You'll out all about it around March/April time.

Anton Zafir Bamby Roll

Surf Photography

The original Urobach Ambassador, DB SSS Imaging has been a busy snapper.  Chasing the Australian East Coast swells, to bring us amazing shots such as these - SURF PHOTOGRAPHY .  DB SSS Imaging will be hitting the road any day, to pursue his love of the lens and the ocean out in the big wide world.  DB starts his adventure in Hawaii, before heading over to South America, and then Europe.  We always love getting fresh work from DB and cant wait to see what gems he brings us in 2018


We kept a low profile in 2017 with events. We had planned to focus our efforts on web and product development. But when we were given the opportunity to support an Aussie Beach classic, we couldn't say no.  The Central Coast Beach Fest in Avoca, South of Sydney, was held in insane surf conditions.  It gave us a glimpse into what the wave is capable of.  Cronulla charger, Shaun Peterson, took the bodyboard crown for the third year.  Urobach will be back there in 2018 to see if he can make it 4.

Central Coast Beach Fest


This has been a big one for us.  We've taken the leap and moved away from the old Demon Fightwear designs, and smack bang straight into the fresh new Urobach look.

Urobach Surf Shorts Urobach Surf T-Shirt Grey Urobach Surf Jersey Black Mens T-Shirt Red and Black

We're pretty excited about the new stuff.  Our market research and testing has delivered outstanding results.  The first of the new stuff is due to hit shelves in February. 


It's our pledge to support our people (more on this later). Not just the UFC stars, or the pro surfers.  Urobach genuinely wants to support our sports and our people.  Ambassadors is gonna be huge in 2018.  To express your interest in becoming an Urobach Ambassador, email info@Urobach.com.  Oh... and yes, there is UFC stars, and pro surfers joining the team in 2018.

Our Pledge

These are things that we have always cared about, but it occurred to us, that it might be worthwhile to share it with you.  We promise to 'Support our People and Our Planet'.  We'll do that in a number of ways, and along the way will continue to expand on this promise by making more pledge.  Right now, we pledge to:

  • Eliminate plastic from our packaging.  We'll reguarly be keeping you up to date with our how much crap we manage to eliminate.
  • Reduce product waste going to landfill.  We pledge to buy back you old Urobach products and either recycle them, or donate them to a cause (with a further contribution from Urobach).
  • Support our people.    That could be you, your club, or a charity.  We even pledge to support our retailers.  Without retailers, there would be no Urobach, and we wouldn't be able to achieve these bold pledges. 

If you are a retailer, and want to know more, you can register your trade account HERE

Follow Us

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The End

That's enough from us for 2017.  We'll see you all in 2018.  Be safe, and have a happy Christmas xx


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