Drop Knee Winner Crowned

NSW Drop Knee Comp Champion Crowned

Today the crown was lowered on to the napper of the first ever winner of DK Wars South Coast, Elliott 'Tree Hugger' Spencer.

DK Wars South Coast Winner

Judging of the first ever DK Wars South Coast (DKWSC) was held at SWS Bodyboarding today in Oak Flats, South of Wollongong NSW.

With judging being done by the riders themselves. Which obviously can't be done mid-comp.  Video footage from the drop knee comp was reviewed post-comp and judged on 3 categories, which were:

  • Heaviest drop knee barrel
  • Biggest shred
  • Best ride

drop knee bodyboard video wollongong

Heaviest Barrel - The heaviest tube award was taken out by Jj kirkwood , who negotiated a late drop into one of the largest waves of the day disappearing behind the lip to emerge from the maelstrom to be punished on the end section

Biggest Shred - Second cat was the Elmows big bucket where's competitors charged for the biggest turn in the most critical section , putting his money where his weight is, the master blaster (and part time tree hugger) Elliot Spencer flew into the end bowl grabbing rail and parting the sea in such away not seen since Moses in 400 bc

DK Wars South Coast

Best Ride - Lastly be not at all least, it was the newly crowned king of DK Wars South Coast that claimed the top title.  Long-time local Headies stalwart, Elliot 'elbo tree hugger' Spencer who took out the title with a nice deep backdoor barrel exiting with a solid carve.  Elliot 'Elbo Tree Hugger' Spencer was voted by the riders to be the winning wave.

Tree Hugger was quoted as saying, "it's pretty humbling to have your wave chosen as the best by a group of shredders like this."

Competitors of DK Wars South Coast included Australia NSW state drop knee Champ Zac Armytage, Wollongong bodyboarders Dk champ JJ Kirkwood, underground shredder Ben DeKok , stealth team rider Dilan Caresita, south coast yokel Adam Cummings, Booger Guru Jase Macathy and Cronulla legends Matt Menzies and Kris Mclellend.

ben dekok nsw drop knee guru

Big thanks to Reefrash Bodyboarding, Dee Tee, Elmow's Lawns, Nic Bronco Hartcher, and Jase from SWS Oakflats.

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