Yasubey Enomoto Fighting in EFN 53 This Weekend

Yasubey Enomoto Vs Vladimir Mineev Eurasia Fight Nights 53

Yasubey Enomoto is at it again. Headlining the Eurasia Fight Nights (EFN) 53 in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia.

Yasubey Enomoto, the Swiss Samurai is one hell of an active fighter, and one hell of a fighter.

Going into this fight Yasubey the Swiss Samurai is an impressive 15-7-0 with his opponent, Vladimir Mineev, an equally impressive, unbeaten 7-0-0.

Urobach proudly supported Yasubey and brother Felipe back in the Demon Fightwear days and produced Yasubey’s Signature MMA Fight Shorts.

yasubey enomoto mma shorts

Yasubey last fought in Eurasia Fight Nights (EFN) 48 in May 2016 and defeated Stanislav Molodcov by unanimous decision.

Watch the Swiss Samurai in action vs Shamil Zavurov in WFCA 9 – Grozny Battle

Yasubey Enomoto WFCA 9 – Grozny Battle

This fight has the makings of real battle, but our money’s on Yasubey.

Here’s what you can expect from the Swiss Samurai next weekend.

Yasubey Enomoto Elbow


Yasubey Enomoto Flying Kick


Yasubey Enomoto Swiss Samurai


Yasubey Enomoto Fighter Russia

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