Who Are Urobach? Past, Present, and Future.

The Past, Present, and Future of Urobach.

Right! There’s no doubt about it.  2016 has been a busy year here at Urobach, but 2017 and beyond is set to be insane! …  We’ll explain how later.


Who Are Urobach?

For those of you that don’t recognise Urobach.  We began our days as Demon Fightwear (and Angel Fightwear). We produced some of the best MMA gear on the planet, and we sponsored top level fighters from around the globe.  The former Demon Fightwear range included:


Demon Fightwear Boxing Gloves Angel Fightwear Muay Thai Shin Guards Demon Fightwear BJJ Gi Angel Fightwear MMA Sparring Gloves Demon Fightwear MMA Gloves Demon Fightwear Focus Pads
Boxing Gloves & Muay Thai Shin Guards. BJJ Gi's & MMA Sparring Gloves. MMA Gloves & Focus Pads.


Why The Re-Brand?

Demon Fightwear encountered some big ass trademark sh*t, so the decision was made to re-brand to Urobach.  And we’re pretty stoked with the result.  Urobach better reflects our vision for the future, and broadens our sports base.

You know that we love our combat sports; MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Boxing. The list goes on… But we also love all things surf, especially bodyboarding.


Supporting Our Sports and Our Athletes.

Athlete support and supporting our communities has always been a big part of what we’re about, and will continue to be.  We’ve proudly supported fighters from world leading shows, including:

M-1 Global Logo MMA Bellator MMA Logo One FC Logo MMA Show UFC Logo MMA Event EFN Eurasia Fight Nights Logo
M-1 Global Bellator MMA One FC UFC EFN


Shark Island Challenge.

In 2014 (the early stages of the rebrand) we were totalled pumped to be involved with one of the world’s top bodyboarding events, the Association of Prfessional Bodyboarder’s (APB’s) Shark Island Challenge.  

APB Bodyboarding Logo Azza Glossip Drop Knee

Yasubey Enomoto has been kicking ass around the globe. Proudly rocking his Urobach Enomoto Signature Fight Shorts in the process.

Yasubey Enomoto Head Kick Yasubey Enomoto

And in 2016 we sponsored the first ever DK Wars South Coast. A Bodyboard drop knee competition that took place at a formidable slab north of Wollongong, NSW, on the East Coast of Australia.
(Read more about DK Wars South Coast by clicking here > DK WARS SOUTH COAST)

DK Wars South Coast Logo DK Wars South Coast Video

So What Next?

That’s the big question.  What have we got planned for 2017 and beyond?  Some of it’s top secret so you’ll have to subscribe to stay up to date with it (click here to SUBSCRIBE).  But some of the exciting stuff that we can tell you about includes:

  • ATHLETES – We’ll be expanding our athlete support. Including fighters, bodyboarders, and surfers.
  • PRODUCTS – There’s a pile of exciting new products in development.
  • ALLIANCE – Urobach’s Social Alliance will have a snazzy upload feature.  Allowing you lot to upload your photos directly to the site to share your stoke, and your passion with other fighters and fellow frothers.
  • EVENTS – We’re in talks with events.
  • WEBSITE – There’s some pretty huge changes happening to the site in early 2017.
  • MAGAZINES – You’ll be seeing a lot more of Urobach in leading magazines.
  • MORE – Yes there’s more, but you’ll have to wait and see.


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