Clothing Brand Who's Eliminating Plastic

Clothing Brand Who's Eliminating Plastic

Urobach loves our people and our planet, and we've promised to do our bit to help.

One of the things that pi$$ed us off for so long was the amount of plastic waste being produced.  We thought 'it must be too hard to change because the big brands would be doing it'.

Early in 2018 we decided to do it.  To begin work on fixing what we could control, and to begin eliminating plastic from the packaging and postage of our clothing.

It's not been easy and it did not happen overnight.  Over the past 7 month we've progressivley devloped plastic free packaging.  Anyone could shove a products in a brown bag, but that would work when sending clothing out to customers.  Our plastic free packaging has to look the business. 

Over the past 7 month we have eliminated 50% of the plastic from our packaing and we're SO CLOSE to finalising it and rolling out to all of our products.

Not only is our clothing shipped from the factories without plastic, we also ship the clothing to our customers using plastic free methods too. 

We've set a goal to eliminate 10 tonne of plastic from the packing and postage of our clothing.

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